отримано 28530 грн / 2,5 тонн корму / врятовано 97 тварин
отримано 28530 грн
отримано 2,5 тонн корму
врятовано 97 тварин
$ 1015
Financial assistance to pet owners of Ukraine

Free consultations for pet owners

Tons 3.5
Providing food to animals

Wounded and abandoned animals were rescued


The life of every Ukrainian has changed since February 24, 2022. In these circumstances, we are forced to change the direction of our organization. This day, the war has come to our home and the home of our pets in the face of a full-scale invasion of russia. The issue of upbringing and welfare of our animals is a luxury now. We can only think about how to save them from loneliness, hunger and death. Many animals were abandoned by their owners as they fled the war, and some got lost in the shelling.
Photo: Serhii Nuzhnenko (RadioSvoboda.com), Emin Sansar (Anadolu Ajansı), Vadim Ghirda (AP), Picture Alliance - DPA
Our activity during the war
✔ Animal rescue
✔ Informing Western colleagues, associations and the media
✔ Cooperation with international organizations
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Since March 2022, the leadership of the APPU with the development of funding for public organizations have the opportunity to expand its range of assistance and implement:
  • purchase of food
  • providing logistics within cities and between them
  • paying for emergency animal treatment services
  • ensuring the evacuation of animals to a safe area (purchase of carriers, rental of vehicles)
  • financial support for people who save homeless animals independently.
In addition, the information front continues to work. We are convinced that the world needs to know about the atrocities that the aggressor country is doing to people and animals in Ukraine. That's why we need to support our volunteers.
Many issues depend on the financial component. We can't handle it without your help!
Many issues depend on the financial component. We can't handle it without your help!
Our activities before the war
Organization of events for owners
Development of standards for animal keeping
A narrow-profile magazine Pet Division
Training of specialists in the zoo industry
Our team consists of:
✔ 8 organizations
✔ 7 volunteers of coordination chat with more than 12,000 participants
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At the beginning of the war we created a coordination chat with more than 12,000 participants. Thanks to this chat, we have gathered a large and strong team of volunteers who, being in various hot spots of Ukraine, help other people and pets, despite their own fear. Here is a small number of people who help those in need every day.
An incredible number of people turn to us, and we use all our resources to help them.
We helped some of the people to find a foster home for their pets or give them for adoption, the others - to find their own pets which got lost in the bustle of the war.

And we're not going to stop!
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Details for transfers in foreign currency (USD, EUR, PLN):
Account#: UA503005280000026000000021047
Beneficiary: VHO UDTS Helion
Beneficiary's bank: OTP BANK JSC
Cooperation with the media
Ukraine is a progressive democratic state in which the media and the public actively support our activities. We must save the lives of animals despite the hard times
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