is a voluntary association of individuals created to protect the rights and freedoms of people who respect animals

The main aim is

To create and maintain the necessary conditions for the welfare of animals and the harmonious relations between animals and people. According to the concept of animal welfare, to raise the level of people's awareness of animal welfare, to raise the level of culture of coexistence with animals, to protect animals against cruelty, to raise the animal protection and ecological problems.
NGO APPU can cooperate with state and non-state structures and organisations to achieve better result in providing help, first aid, educational events to improve the laws and social awareness of the animal problems. Organisation acts voluntarily, self-organised, transparent and equal with Ukrainian law, without property interests.
NGO APPU may cooperate with private and state associations, as well with a private persons to provide assistance to the animals and support their welfare.
As one of the main activities NGO APPU states the participation in the formation and implementation of public policy to help animals, ensuring sustainable development and maintenance of biodiversity. To initiate and implement necessary changes to the Ukrainian law. Assistance in implementation of the state programs for animals welfare.

Also organisation is interested indeveloping of a volunteer movement for animal welfare in Ukraine.
Working with media to popularise the ideas and goals of the organisation.
Making and maintaining agreements with foreign organisations
The co-operation with private persons for providing assistance to animals and maintaining their welfare.